Too Many Crooks


Too Many Crooks is a never-ending crime management game. Recruit a ragtag team of criminals and send them out on crimes from raiding humble hotdog stands to a full-on bank heist.

But, as you advance your crime syndicate, you might find it harder and harder to stay afloat. An angry debtor from your past wants their money back, and fast. You’ll need to keep them satisfied with weekly repayments. And, if you can’t cough up the money, be prepared for the consequences. You might just learn that, in the end, crime never pays.

Too Many Crooks was made as a 15 ECTS Game Project at the IT University of Copenhagen by a team called Overcrooked, led by Simon Bøg. The rest of the team were Carl-Johan Linell, Frederik Boye Hansen, Ida Christensen, Joe Osborne and Victor Olsson. I contributed in design, narrative and writing, and a bit of programming (I built the core of the random character generator for example). I also helped put together the press kit and design document.

Download here.

Dom Ford
Dom Ford
Postdoctoral Researcher

Myth, monsters, spatiality and the representation and depiction of history and the past (both real and fictional histories) in digital games.